Single pin feedthru, Multi pin header, Flanged body, Battery covers, RF/50 ohm feedthru, Capacitor feedthru – from 2pF to 30,000pF

invar 78 multi-pin header, stainless steel body, turned socket pins. Hermeticity 1X10-9 0.01 mm flatness

Thermal Battery Cover, stainless steel, electro-polished 4 pins, tin plated

10 pin All-Glass, Tin plated, Compression Header

Pyrotechnic Actuator for Marine Environment

Steel Pyrotechnic Ignitor Gold Plated, Brazing

11 Pin Gold Plated header case and cover for Space Microelectronics Packaging

Stainless-Steel 316L Gyro-Base Header, 7 pin Gold Plated Contacts.

Hermetic Connector Circular MIL-DTL 38999 Gold Plated one side solder cups for wire bonding

High Power Custom Copper contacts durable design for robust application

Epoxy Connectors – In-house innovation – a special glass epoxy which is parallel to glass in its hermetic seal capability, enables using Aluminum body (lightweight), Beryllium Copper inner electrodes, applicated by liquefying.
high durability to shaking and thermal cycles, long life lasting.