Single Pin feedthroughs – RFQ form

Single pin hermetic feedthrough allows the transfer of electrical signal into hermetic chamber, while preventing leak of gases or fluids.
Hermetron provides single pin hermetic feedthroughs in a variety of combinations according to customers specification.

Standard specifications:
1. Hermeticity better than 1×10-8 CC helium/sec
2. Insulation resistance: >10,000 Mega-ohm @ 500 VDC
3. Operating Temperature -65° C to +300° C
4. Body diameters as small as .050“/1.25 mm 5. Dielectric strength > 500 volt

Standard bodies:


*All measurment are in Inches
**Tolerance +/- 0.005”

Please specify according to your needs:

Specify Sizes

*lead time will be given with the price proposal.
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